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Quick Loans through Loans with Mortgage Guarantee


The number of people registered in delinquency files has skyrocketed since the crisis began in 2018. According to Ceaccu, it is estimated that each month approximately 150,000 people in our country become part of one of these files.

Nowadays, being part of delinquency files like is quite frequent . And it’s not always due to the same reasons. The main ones that can lead us to enter this list are:

  • An impersonation. Although it seems a somewhat complicated possibility to believe, Spanish Agency for Data Protection, 12% of those registered are for this reason.
  • Do not process the withdrawal of a service correctly. Incorrectly deregistering a supply or contract with a telecommunications company can have serious consequences for us.
  • Have pending the payment of a debt. Debts that can be tracked with different financial entities, with supply or telecommunications companies are recorded . However, although the normal thing is that companies do not include our name in this file if the debt does not exceed € 300, there are certain telephone companies that can enroll us in this file for delaying a payment of € 17. What causes us serious problems to get loans because it gives the feeling that we have a bad financial situation. When it does not have to be like that.

Here, we are aware of how complicated it can be to be part of a file of defaulters . And we know that the best way out of this file, in case we are registered because of a debt, is to pay it. For this you are likely to have to resort to a loan.

If this is your case, you have come to the right place. We are experts in loans . Our private equity company offers home equity loans so you can get high amounts of money.


Quick loans through loans with mortgage guarantee

Quick loans with USMEN through loans with mortgage guarantee

Do you need a loan in a delinquency register? Are you looking for a private equity lender or company that offers you a quick loan ? In here we can help you thanks to our loans with mortgage guarantee.

By means of this type of credits you will obtain fast money in a simple and effective way. In order to obtain one of these fast loans you have to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Have a property owned. Our quick loans must have real estate property as a mortgage guarantee. That is, to be able to apply for them you must be the owner of a property. This property must be free of charges or mortgage. In case of having a mortgage this must be paid practically in its entirety. You can use all kinds of properties to request one of these loans. From commercial premises, through industrial buildings, homes, parking spaces or land.
  • Carry out an official valuation of the property. The only way to know the real market value of a property is through an official appraisal. This requirement becomes essential when applying for a mortgage loan. In the case of is we take care of everything. You will not have to do anything. We will contact an official company, regulated by the Bank of Spain, and we will obtain the appraisal of your property in a record time.

Once we know the market value of the property we can calculate the amount to which your loan can rise. The capital limit is marked by the value of the property. We will offer fast from € 6,000 and a maximum of 25% of the market value of your property.


Personal loans

Personal loans with USMEN

As you can see, the requirements to obtain personal loans are very simple. And the steps to follow to request them even more. It is only necessary:

Be clear about the needs of credit

Whenever we go to request money from a lender, we must know exactly what we need. An infallible method to not get into debt beyond our credit possibilities is to ask for no more than the account . Otherwise we can end up with an over-indebtedness that forces us to ask for new credits to be able to face the previous ones. Hence, we insist that you have clear your credit needs. Calculate with what installment you would feel comfortable and in what amortization period you could trust to pay with ease your loan.

Wait for loan pre-approval

When we talk about getting fast loans in here we take it very seriously and personally to help you in this process. For this reason we do not waste time to inform you if your credit request will be accepted. In less than 10 minutes we will contact you and we will give you the answer .

Forget about waiting days and even weeks, to know if you will have money. Something that happens often enough when we go to traditional credit institutions.

Check all the documentation in detail

Now that we know that your loan has been pre-granted it is time to check in detail all the documentation with which we will perpetrate the contract.

In here we want the traf mites are simple and fast for our customers. For this reason we will not ask you to gather more documentation that may involve extra time. To obtain a credit you only need to provide us by email the following:

  • Photocopy of the DNI.
  • A photocopy of the current account in which you want us to deposit the requested money.
  • The Simple Note of the Land Registry relating to the property that you will use as collateral in the loan. Quiet. To get this information you only need an internet connection. In less than 24 hours you will be sent the data to your email account (we can even get it from us)
  • Last receipt of the IBI.

Official appraisal of housing

In order not to waste time, while proceeding to check your file, we will request the official valuation of your property . In this way we will find out the market value of the property and we can calculate with precision the amount to be lent .

Remember that it is always advisable not to ask for more money than we really need to avoid falling into over-indebtedness that puts us in a more difficult economic situation to solve.

Do not forget that you will not have to do anything in this step. The team of here will be in charge of contacting an external official appraisal company and carrying out the entire process.

Data collection and signature

It only remains to collect all the documentation provided and start the signature process. All of our mortgage loans are signed before a notary. In this way we make sure of two important things:

  • To comply with current legislation .
  • Get you to solve any doubt that you still have pending . The day of the signing is the perfect time to share your concerns with both the notary and the expert of here that will accompany you in the process. Do not leave anything to ask. Clear any doubts that may arise from the contract or its clauses.

As we want you to feel safe and comfortable, we have no problem in that you are the one who selects the notary or notary you prefer. You can choose one with which you have already worked or that you find comfortable by proximity. We sign in your trusted notary.

Receive the money

Once the contract is signed, only the money requested in your checking account will remain pending. In a maximum of 72 hours you can count on the loan that you had requested . And in this way you can solve the economic situation that led you to be registered in the delinquency file.


Reasons to go to here to get your credit

Reasons to go to here to get your credit with USMEN

As a result of the crisis, a large number of private equity companies and here appeared that filled the gap left by the banks. We must not forget that for a long time the financial situation worsened even more due to the lack of credit granting.

In this scenario, other financing alternatives began to appear that, with the passage of time, have not only been safe, but also more efficient and faster.

And precisely because there is great competitiveness in this sector, here takes care of all the steps and options. The main reasons we offer you to trust us are the following:

We comply scrupulously with the Law

Unfortunately the world of loans accumulates a lot of scams year after year. There are many unscrupulous people who take advantage of the economic needs of people to do their own business.

  • As we are aware of this situation, our main guarantee is to comply scrupulously with the Law . All of our contracts are signed before a notary.
  • We are also regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs . Our registration number is 439/2014. You can always consult it on our website, at the bottom of it.

We do not request advance payments

If you have consulted other websites of here or private equity companies, it is likely that you have found something that has made you distrust: the request that you advance money to receive the loan.

In case you have seen this, leave that web page as soon as possible. It is a fraudulent technique that scammers usually use. Do not trust any web of loans that ask you for an advance because it is against the Law.

We offer unlimited capital

Unlike what happens when you go to other credit companies in here we have no capital limit. This is established based on the real market value of your property.

Through our loans you’ll get from me € 6,000 minimum to a maximum equaling 25% of the market value of the property used as collateral.

Broad repayment terms and custom installments

We do not want your loan to become an economic problem over the years. For this reason, we offer you the possibility of having long amortization periods. With which you will obtain payment installments that fully meet your needs.

  • You can amortize the loan that you request in a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10.
  • Also, if you wish, you can enjoy a grace period at the beginning of the loan . Do not hesitate to consult our experts to advise you about it.

Speed ​​in management

All our loans, including loans , are characterized by the speed of management. We know how complicated it can be to solve a financial problem from one day to the next. But sometimes it is necessary.

For this reason in here we are committed to give you an answer in just 10 minutes so you know if your loan has been pre-approved .

If affirmative in less than 72 hours from the signing of the contract you can have the money in the current account that you have provided us.

Without complicated paperwork

If you have gone to your bank for a lifetime to apply for a loan you will have realized that it is necessary to collect a large amount of documentation. This happens because the demands to offer credit are greater. Unfortunately, in these cases, the normal is

  • On the one hand lose a lot of time in gathering all the papers. What also involves trips to different administrations to obtain documents at times that are not suitable for us.
  • We find that in the end they deny us the credit for failing to meet all the requirements they request.

From here you will not have to face these problems. You can manage all the documentation from the comfort of your home and without having to go anywhere through it. You will also get it in a very short time.

No linked products

One of the techniques most used by traditional banks to grant loans is to force clients to accept certain links with the bank . The most frequent are usually:

  • Open a current account if you do not already have them.
  • Domicile the payroll.
  • Domicile one or more receipts per month.
  • Hire a credit card and use it compulsory several times a month.
  • Take out money several times a month.
  • Hire some type of insurance.

With here this will never happen . We do not work with linked products or force our clients to modify their accounts or receipts. You can keep the current account you want and you will not have to contract any other product.


Can anyone apply for a loan ?

Can anyone apply for a loan with USMEN?

Although here offers loans through home equity loans, you must meet certain requirements to get the money. As you will see below, these are very simple:

  • Own a property free of charges and mortgage. As we have explained a few lines above, the loans that we offer are with mortgage guarantee. That is to say, it is essential that the future client has a real estate property. This must be susceptible to sale and will work as collateral for the loan. Without the property it is not possible to carry out the agreement.
  • Be of age. Both in the case of here and any other private equity company, the applicants for the loan must be of legal age. That is, having turned 18 years old. In certain companies even the age limit goes up a little more. Sometimes up to 21 or even up to 25.
  • Reside in Spain In all cases, the loans are of a national type. That is, they can not be processed with users who do not live in Spain. In this case, said clients should contact the loan entities of their country. Hence, one of the requirements is to present the DNI.


Do all private equity companies or here have the same conditions to offer loans ?

Do all private equity companies or here have the same conditions to offer loans with USMEN?

The truth is that no. There are certain companies that will ask you to fulfill some extra conditions to offer you a loan . Among these additional conditions, the most frequent are the following:

  • That the debt does not exceed a specific amount . There are private equity companies and here that only offer loans when the debt does not exceed a certain amount. This limit is very different depending on the company that we go to. It can be € 200 or a maximum of € 1,000. In the case of here you will not have this problem. We offer unlimited capital to deal with your debts. The only limit is set by the market value of the property you use as collateral. Remember that we can lend you up to 25% of its value.
  • That the default is not related to credit institutions . Especially if it is a banking default. Many Lenders do not offer money if they know that registration is related to the non-payment of a mortgage, a personal loan or the payment of credit card terms. This type of company only offers fast loans if the defaults that appear in the file are related to supply or telecommunications companies.

These two conditions are more frequent than we can think of in the world of fast loans . That is why it is so important that we inform ourselves properly when we are going to resort to a private equity company or a private lender.


Methods to know if we are enrolled

How can we find out if we are enrolled ?

Very easy:

  • You can directly contact and request your credit history through the internet. They will provide it and so you can know if you are registered.
  • If yes, you can also find out which company has included your data in the file in case you do not know. In fact, with this query, you will know exactly when you are registered and what debt has motivated your inclusion in the file.
  • Whether the information is correct or not , you will have to take the necessary steps to exit and clean up your credit history. If you realize that the information is not correct or that you have suffered an identity theft, it is best to contact the company that has registered you in the file. The sooner you solve the confusion, the better it will be for everyone.

If you contact directly with the EQUALS company through their website or in the telephone number they have enabled for their clients, you will receive the information immediately . In addition this route lacks any type of cost .

There are external companies that specialize in offering this information to their customers. However, this type of company can take up to a month to give you the information. And they will also charge you for their services. Hence, it is best that you enter the EQUALS website.

What it means to be registered

The consequences of being registered can be very negative. Especially if we are looking for financing. For example, if you want to request a mortgage from the bank and it checks that you are in this or another delinquency file, it will not grant it. Since your credit history is stained. That is why it is so important to leave as soon as possible in order to recover the financing capacity.

How do I proceed to exit

There are three methods you can use to exit . The use of one or the other will depend considerably on the reason that led you to be registered in this registry.

  • Put an end to the debt that has led you to be registered . Do not delay it anymore. If you are in because you have not paid any receipts or loans, it is best that you settle your debt as soon as possible. If the reason for not paying it is that you do not have enough money at that time you should resort to requesting a loan. Forget about banks as a method of financing. For one of its requirements is that the future borrower is not registered . In here, however, we can offer you loans with mortgage guarantee. Thanks to this you will have high amounts of money if you need a high amount.
  • Go to ARCO . The ARCO rights are those that are established in the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data, LOPD 15/1999. As dictated by all citizens have the right to correct our data, cancel or oppose them. That is, Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO). In case you have suffered an identity theft or your name is registered for an error that the company has committed, you can use your ARCO rights. For this you will have to access the website of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. Here you will find a downloadable form to be filled in to modify the incorrect information.
  • Wait for the debt to prescribe . The EQUALS file only keeps the data registered for a period of 6 years. If after this time you have not paid off the debt, you will automatically disappear from the list. This does not mean that you have legally complied with the company that has included you in the file. You will still owe them money if they registered you for it.

In case the company that registered us does not take us out …

In certain cases, the companies that register a defaulter forget to write off that record when the debt has already been paid. If you find yourself in this situation you have several ways to solve it.

  • Contact the company To remind you that you have already settled the debt and therefore have to remove your name from the record of defaulters. It is only necessary that you call EQUALS to proceed with the withdrawal.
  • Get in direct contact . If you observe that time passes and despite your insistence the company that registered you does not cancel you, you can talk directly with EQUALS. In this case you will have to prove that the debt has been due to be discharged in the delinquency file. To achieve this, there is nothing faster than showing proof of payment with which any doubt about the veracity of the information you offer is eliminated. As soon as has a material proof that the debt no longer exists, it will proceed to withdraw your data immediately. It will also send you an official report so you can verify that your name is no longer in the registry. Keep it in case you need to request some type of loan because it will serve as proof.

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