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Payday Loan Settlement Companies- The cheapest payday loan consolidation


The cheapest payday loan consolidation

The aim of OnePayday consolidation program is to support borrowers in paying a lot of payday loans. Thanks to the merger of their loans and credits, they are able to pay only one monthly loan installment. Banks propose this solution when their clients want to combine cash loans, installments, consumer loans, mortgage loans, and loans, but also account or debt limits on the debit card. In their offer, there is no consolidation of online loans or popular payday loans which can be found under at our site. If the consumer has used the services of the non-banking sector, he should also look for enterprises specializing in the consolidation of internet loans, such as Berger or Charl Credit.

The consolidation loan is used for debt relief because, after the merger of individual financial liabilities, the consumer pays a lower monthly installment than the sum of installments resulting from the loans held. You can apply for a loan in any bank that provides debt consolidation. In addition, each person who obtains an obligation may take out their insurance against payment for a fee. The maximum loan period is 12 years.

The cheapest consolidation loan for 8 years

Lotte Bank
The maximum loan amount is PLN 200,000. Customers also have the opportunity to get extra cash, which they can use for any purpose. APRC = 7.55%. The loan period can be up to 12 years. 
Rey Bank
The loan amount is from PLN 500 to 180,000 and the repayment period from 3 to 96 months. In addition, it is possible to apply for additional cash, which can reach up to 100% of the consolidated amount. APRC = 10.34%. 
Customers can apply for a consolidation loan up to PLN 150,000 and the maximum repayment period is 10 years. In addition to debt consolidation, you can purchase an insurance package for your financial liability. APR = 12.3% 
Reynolds banking services
Reynolds allows you to apply for a consolidation loan up to PLN 200,000 without having to buy insurance. The loan period is 10 years. Quick withdrawal to your account on the same day. APY = 13.75% 
Votto Bank
A chance to obtain a consolidation loan up to PLN 200,000 for a maximum of 10 years. Borrowers can choose a convenient repayment date for their installment. Regular bank clients can apply for a loan with a minimum of formalities and the decision to grant it is made quickly. APRC = 15.2%.

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