Loans 75,000 kr : 15min Approval = Easy and safe!

It is very easy to apply for a loan . They transfer money 3 times a day, so depending on which bank you have, you can already have the money in your account. For most banks, however, it is important that you first see the money in your account tomorrow.

If you want to borrow between $ 50,000 and $ 75,000, you will need to submit your latest paycheck. If you borrow less than this, it’s not a requirement. You sign the loan application with NemID and you will be notified within 15 minutes.

Loans DKK 75,000

Loans DKK 75,000 

The loan is owned by Basisbank and is open to customer service every weekday between 08:00 and 21:00. During the weekend there is 10:00 to 17:00.

To borrow , you must be 21 years old and have permanent residence in Denmark. In return, you should not make any collateral for the loan, and you should not be schooled in relation to what you want to spend the money on.

If you are able to repay the loan before time, you can do this completely free of charge. Therefore, you do not risk hanging on a loan if it turns out that you do not need the loan as long as it was assumed. You can also choose to pay parts of the loan back before time, of course also without fees. Do not be afraid to borrow too much .

When entering loan , you can choose to take out a security insurance. With this security insurance, you are secured if you become incapacitated or involuntarily unemployed. You do not therefore depend on the loan if you involuntarily lose your income.

You can therefore easily and securely apply for a loan if you are in need of money.

You can therefore easily and securely apply for a loan if you are in need of money.

Loan Amount 20.70 – 36.80%
APR 12 – 72 months
Runningtime 21 years
Mine. age

  • Answer 15 minutes
  • Paid next day
  • Debtor interest rate: 14.85%

Loan example: For a total credit amount of 40,000 DKK over 5 years, transferred to a bank account and repayment. via BS. Monthly benefit: 1,037 – 1,337. Debtor interest rate: 14.85 – 29.85% (variable in loan term). OPP: 20.7 – 36.8%. Total credit: 22,197 – 40,216 kr. Total repayment: 62,197 – 80,216 kr. Foundation amount: 3,200 kr. Mdl. billing fee: 33 kr. PRIORITY: You can cancel the credit agreement entered into within 14 days.

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